About Us

 Welcome to Peregrine Kidswear - where the art of pajama design meets joyous moments in life!

Our journey began over a decade ago when Kristie Case, the proud owner of a beloved baby and kids boutique, embarked on a mission to redefine sleepwear. Frustrated by the lack of beautiful, gender-neutral options in bamboo pajamas, Kristie decided to take matters into her own hands.

In 2016, a test order of 500 pairs of black and white bamboo pajamas for the boutique exceeded all expectations, selling out in just six weeks. This unexpected success led to a pivotal decision - to share these delightful designs beyond the boutique and into the hearts of families nationwide.

Driven by a deep understanding of what customers sought - designs that appeal to both children and adults, gender-neutral options, and the joy of easy gifting - Kristie crafted a collection that transcends seasons and genders. The result? Pajamas that make the art of gifting simple, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

The heartwarming feedback poured in, with customers expressing how our pajamas brought joy to both givers and receivers. From matching siblings to making baby gifting a breeze, the designs resonated with families, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

What sets us apart is the perfect balance of playfulness and beauty in our designs. Our prints, born from inspiration found in everyday moments - be it the play of light on a store window or the colors in the clouds - take on a life of their own. From the nostalgic Poppy print inspired by Kristie's grandmother's garden to the vibrant Terrazzo print drawn from middle school memories, each design tells a unique story.

Our endless well of print ideas is fueled by a passion for creating prints that bring smiles to little faces. With an iPad and an Apple Pencil always at hand, Kristie captures the lightning in a bottle, transforming doodles into the cozy, imaginative worlds that adorn our pajamas.

Join us in celebrating the art of sleepwear, where inspiration knows no bounds, and every pajama tells a story. Experience the joy, comfort, and whimsy that our designs bring to bedtime - a journey that began in a small boutique and now envelops more than 200 boutiques and major department stores across America.

Sleep in style, dream with delight, and welcome to the world of Peregrine Kidswear!
Kristie Case and Austin West, founders of Peregrine Kidswear


Kristie - founder

rebellious | creative | bold

Before Peregrine, Kristie opened her baby boutique! You'll typically find her juggling all things Peregrine while working at her brick-and-mortar store! She is determined to pave a path for her two girls that is not outlined by outdated gender roles.The creative visionary behind Peregrine. She oversees every aspect of product design; Hand drawing every print, ensuring garment function, and custom milling the fabric.

Austin - founder

charismatic | adventurous | witty

Austin is a collector of knowledge! He is a big believer that you can learn a lot about innovation on a global scale. Meet Peregrine's operations extraordinaire, marketing mastermind, and wordsmith. Austin can take Krisite's creative vision, sort out the details, and bring it to life! Before PKW, He was the host of a kids' television show in China! The show helped teach kids English.