About Us

fashion forward, eco-friendly, wildly fun. the worlds softest bamboo pajamas. Hi, we are  Peregrine Kidswear! We design and create  gender-inclusive kids' clothes.    Capturing the clear eye wonder of childhood, we create clothes that appeal to both  parents and kids.   We live in a space that is bigger than  pink for girls and blue for boys.  We believe in everything for every kid.  We design sustainable products and prints  that will live multiple lives as it's  passed down from sibling to sibling.   Peregrine Kidswear is adventurous and bold, like the freewheeling Peregrine falcon. 
MEET THE TEAM! Krisitie, founder. rebellious, creative,bold. Before Peregrine, Kristie opened her baby boutique! You'll typically find her juggling all things Peregrine while working at her brick-and-mortar store! The creative visionary behind Peregrine.  She oversees every aspect of product design; Hand drawing every print, ensuring garment function, and custom milling the fabric. She is determined to pave a path for her  two girls that is not outlined by  outdated gender roles. austin - founder. charamatic, adventerous, witty.  Meet Peregrine's operations extraordinaire, marketing mastermind, and wordsmith.  Austin can take Krisite's creative vision, sort out the details, and bring it to life! Austin is a collector of knowledge!  He is a big believer that you can learn a lot  about innovation on a global scale. danielle- brand manager. vibrant, quirky. innovative.  greyley- operations analyst,  whimsical, clever, artist.