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Behind the Scenes: How Peregrine's Hand-Drawn Designs come together

At Peregrine Kidswear, creativity knows no bounds! Every hand-drawn design is a testament to founder Kristie's unique perspective and her passion for crafting clothing that celebrates childhood wonder and individuality. Join us as we pull back the curtain and reveal the intricate journey of transforming inspiration into wearable art.

1. A World of Inspiration

Kristie finds inspiration in the world around her, drawing from a kaleidoscope of sources. From the vibrant hues of a thunderstorm-lit sky to the captivating dance of nature and science, every moment becomes a potential masterpiece. Her designs, which often gravitate towards the beauty of nature, art, and science, are a reflection of her keen eye for detail and her ability to capture the essence of what resonates in culture.

2. From Sketch to Seams

The birth of a design begins with a single sketch on Kristie's iPad. These initial strokes of creativity evolve, sometimes over years, until they perfectly embody her vision. Each design is meticulously crafted, with colors and elements coming together to create a harmonious composition. The digital sketch then takes a transformative journey through Adobe Illustrator, where it becomes a seamless pattern, ready to grace fabric. The fabric factory breathes life into the design, creating samples that undergo scrutiny and potential adjustments, ensuring the essence of the design is captured flawlessly.

3. Where Art Meets Wearability

Kristie's passion for design is matched only by her commitment to practicality. Balancing aesthetics and wearability, she crafts designs that are both visually stunning and irresistibly comfortable. Peregrine Kidswear's gender-neutral focus emerged organically, driven by Kristie's love for universally appealing color palettes and themes. The designs are a blend of her artistic vision and her daughters' diverse tastes, ensuring that every creation is a hit with a wide range of young minds.

4. The Evolution of Color

While Peregrine Kidswear was initially envisioned as a realm of black and white designs, the allure of color could not be denied. A chance doodle of a vibrant space print led to a colorful shift that resonated with parents and kids alike. Although the majority of prints are now brightly colored, Kristie pays homage to the brand's roots with occasional nods to black and white aesthetics, adding a touch of nostalgia to the mix.

5. Sustainability Beyond Trends

Sustainability is at the heart of Peregrine Kidswear's design philosophy. The choice of bamboo fabric, a naturally abundant and sustainable resource, aligns seamlessly with the brand's commitment to eco-conscious practices. Kristie understands that true sustainability encompasses longevity and mindful consumption. By meticulously selecting premium bamboo and crafting durable constructions, Peregrine pajamas are designed to outlast multiple sizes and children, advocating for a world where fewer, high-quality pieces are cherished for longer.

6. Transforming Familiar into Fabulous

Kristie's artistic alchemy transforms cherished childhood experiences into wearable works of art. Bright, vibrant colors dance together in unconventional combinations, turning everyday staples like s'mores and macaroni and cheese into breathtaking designs. Peregrine Kidswear blurs the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary, empowering children to revel in the beauty of their world while dressed in captivating creations.

In the realm of Peregrine Kidswear, hand-drawn designs are not just patterns on fabric; they are a tapestry of inspiration, creativity, and sustainability woven together to celebrate the spirit of childhood in all its wonder.

Stay tuned for more glimpses into the creative process that fuels Peregrine's imaginative designs, and explore a world where art and apparel intertwine, igniting the imagination of kids and parents alike.
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