Why Bamboo?

Why Bamboo? (And Why PEREGRINE DOES IT BEST!)  Sustainable: Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on the planet! It's naturally abundant, doesn't require pesticides, and requires30% less water than cotton. We design gender-inclusive prints! Buy for brother and save for sister, you get twice the life out of Peregrine clothes!  Feel:bamboo is buttery soft! It smoothly glides over skin -EVEN THE ROUGHEST ECZEMA! Our fabric is custom milled to be plush, stretchy, long lasting, AND pill free! Say hello to THe world's softest bamboo pajamas! Fit: Bamboo fits 2x longer than cotton! The stretchiness of our fabric adapts as your kiddo grows; You get to enjoy your favorite pajamas twice as long! We use top-quality fabric and construction (like elastic thread and fleece-lined feet!)to get the most love and life out of your pjs! Comfort: This magical fabric is more breathable AND warmer than cotton! Keeps you cool as a cucumber in the heat AND stay as snug as a bug in the cold! Say goodbye to mental gymnastics- Peregrine pajamas means no more changing your PJ drawer with the seasons!