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Foodie Feature!


We have spent the last month releasing a new print from the foodie collection every week! This collection is composed of 4 yummy prints made out of the world's softest bamboo!

First, we introduced you to Blanche’s Donuts!  This print is drawn by none other than Kristie’s 12-year-old daughter Blanche! This delicious donut print is set against a stunning robin’s egg blue background and filled with fun frosting with colorful sprinkles. Perfect for your littles with a sweet tooth. 

Second, we dropped Happy Dumplings!  Find colorful bowls of noodles and the cutest dumplings against a white background! This print became a fast fan favorite because could there be a cuter print for your happy little dumpling?
Next, we served you Sunny Side Up Eggs!  A tasty print featuring sunny-side eggs on a classic, deep-black background, makes this print an absolutely fun way to start the day! Our favorite detail is the black pepper on the egg! 
And finally, we excavated a fan favorite- Midnight Dino!  Catch this print back in stock for a limited re-release.  If they're going to make chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs, we will absolutely be playing with our food. Midnight Dino showcases white dinos on a black background. 

A favorite part of launching a new collection is receiving all the photographs back from the photographer! Unfortunately, not every photo makes it to final production but when there are sooooo many good ones to choose from we can't help but share!

Enjoy some extras from the Foodie Photoshoot! 

A young girl looking back at the camera in a colorful donut dress

Two kids share a plate of donuts

A young baby wearing happy dumpling pajamas is playning with a blanket

A small baby is wearing the happy dumpling take me home set


A girl wearing happy dumpling pjs is climbing on a step stool.

An older sister wearing egg pjs and sunglasses places sunglasses on her younger sisters face

A mom and baby are wearing matching egg pajamas

A baby plays with his foot while sitting in moms lap. They are wearing matching egg pajamas

A young boy wears black dinosaur pajamas while making a surprised face

A kid wears a dinosaur dress while petting their dog

A girl wearing dinosaur pajamas lays on a bench

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