Chaos Isn't Always A Bad Thing!

May 04, 2022 0 min read

Happy baby cuddles with mom while receiving a kiss on the cheek. They are both wrapped in a soft black bamboo fabric with white clouds and moons..

Chaos Isn't Always A Bad Thing! Big Thing Happening at Peregrine Kidswear! Wow, there really is some truth about the saying 'when it rains, it pours!’  The behind-the-scenes here at Peregrine this spring has been a little chaotic  (in the best way possible.)   We are in the middle of the busiest season we have ever had! We have had a lot of announcements lately; hopefully, you're not sick of us yet.  We are just so excited!     At the end of the day, no matter how crazy things get behind the scenes, we are always grateful for you! We are constantly working hard and dreaming big to offer you our best. Thanks for tagging along on this wild ride!
In early March we launched bamboo loungewear for both adults and kids.  Comfy, cute, and essential.  Buy as separates or a set. A few weeks later, we dropped the  Play Outside Collection.   The Play Outside Collection is composed of  4 prints;  1 new, 1 reimagined, and 2 favorites were restocked.   New: Kirstie has a strict “no sports” rule in her everyday life but after LOTS of convincing from Austin, we introduced Baseball- our very first sports print!   Reimagined: Midnight Cloud Moon is a fan favorite re-imagined! We took a print you know and love flipped it and reversed it.   Restocked: Mod Poppy AND Bikes!  Simple and sweet. In this collection, we also introduced extended sizing in our mom robes!  Robes are now offered in size S/M or L/XL. In addition to adding new products and prints, we launched our  Brand Ambassador Program!  We are working with a wonderful group of moms who are helping us share  what PKW looks like in real life- not just the pretty photoshoot version. And if things weren’t already crazy enough, we are currently in the middle of launching the Foodie Collection!  Last week we introduced you to  Blanche's Donuts  and this week  Dumplings! We will be dropping new prints  every Tuesday through May 17th.