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The Wait is FINALLY Over!

We know its taken forever...but we finally did it and made mom pajamas!  After all the years of being jealous of your kiddos, YOU finally get to rock the world's softest pajamas.

Meet our brand-new Women’s Pajamas!  Finally, you can match your kiddo in style and comfort with our ultra-soft and ecofriendly bamboo fabric in some of your favorite Peregrine prints. No need to be jealous of your little one’s PKW pajamas- treat yourself, mama! 

Mom is holding her baby in her lap while they sit on a yellow couch. The two of them are wearing matching blue pajamas with colorful donuts all over them.

Some of our favorite features: 

  • Our signature bamboo fabric that makes you feel like dancing around the house singing show tunes. Seriously, this fabric is the yummiest. You'll never want to take it off. 

  • Two generous front pockets on the pants for holding crayons, love notes, Cheerios, and other “treasures." Let's be honest, life is so better with pockets. 

  • Comfortable and stretchy elastic waistband. If there is anything that the last few years has taught us, life is way too short to wear uncomfortable pants. 

  • Classic button-down style shirt -cute enough to wear to brunch! We are in obsessed with the groovy collar and delicate accent trim. 

  • Oversized shirt pocket designed to fit your phone- FINALLY!

"The Peregrine team is in love with these!" scrolled across a textured pink banner.

We have taken to styling these pjs for day wear! The possibilities are endless. 

  • Kristie rocked her Garden Floral Pants with a solid colored blouse and a simple heel to Happy Hour! The bamboo kept her covered and cool. Oh, and the hostess couldn't stop gushing about how colorful and cute the pants are. 

  • Jill rocked the tie dye pajamas as a two piece set to tackle her day. Styled with a chunky sandal, from work to running errands, she looked effortlessly cool! 

  • One thing you should know about Danielle is that she breakfast food enthusiast! She proudly sported the Sunny Side Up button down tucked into a pair of wide legged shorts to her favorite brunch spot. 

Pro tip: Bring your set with you to the beach! They make for a great cover up when you need an escape from the sun!

Now available in Bright Garden Floral,  Mystic Tie- Dye, Blanche's Donuts, and Sunny Side Up Eggs!  These prints are our trial run, and are extremely limited quantities  So if you like em'  LOCK IT DOWN NOW!

As always, we're keeping it real with you guys-  Enjoy a few unedited pics of our team. Because when something feels so good, you just want to share your joy with everyone ❤️

A young woman strikes a pose in a store after trying on new pajamas. The pjs are black with fried eggs all over them!

A woman uses the mirror to take a picture of herself wearing cute colorful floral pajamas.

A young woman strikes a pose in a store after trying on new pajamas. Her pjs are bright blue with colorful donuts across them.

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