Peregrine in the Wild


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a baby is shown laying on the floor wearing peregrine kidswear's splatter paint sleeper

When we were first looking into clothing for our new baby, the market was overwhelming for us as first time parents. When going to our local stores, or even the super market we were bombarded with the typical boy clothing you see everywhere. Sports, prehistoric creatures, trucks and silly sayings; every cliche you can think of.  Nothing stood out, and the materials were starchy and caused irritation on that previously soft newborn skin.

Some how the stars aligned quickly and I stumbled upon Peregrine Kidswear! The neutral prints, sharp black trim and a promise to be the softest material for my new baby was more that appealing. As soon as we put our son in the silky soft pajamas we knew we were in love! No more itchy irritated skin, and the compliments are always flowing! My favorite part? When we have more children they can wear the same clothes their brother did and enjoy that buttery feel just like he did! 

Peregrine has been a blessing in so many ways. Instead of burning through other brands they outlast anything else we have found! In that, this has saved me so much money, and will get so much more use with future babies as well saving me even more. The material keeps him warm in the winter and is extremely breathable in the summer as well keeping him cool.
Peregrine Kidswear has done so much for us, and for that we will be forever grateful!Thanks PKW!
-Kimber and Baby Ivan
A baby is shown wearing peregrine kidswear's rainbow sleeper